Dear fellow alumni,

It is with great honor and excitement that I accepted the nomination to be the new President in the summer of 2016. Big thanks to Cathy Hughye for all her hard work and leadership during her tenure. My goal is to build upon Cathy's success, keep the Club moving in the right direction, and make it better than ever before.

Having served the Club in various capacities for several years - from hosting events, to interviewing, to taking on duties as Treasurer and Recent Grad Chair - I recognize how important having an organization like this is.

The MISSION of the Harvard Club of Georgia is to help its members continue the journey they began at Harvard socially, intellectually, and with a sense of purpose.

Specifically, the Club keeps alumni connected to Harvard, through:
-    access to the online directory,
-    conducting interviews of prospective students,
-    and most frequently, through the wide spectrum of events which the club puts on every year.

Under Cathy's presidency and spearheaded by Robert Hahn, the club introduced a fantastic new slate of small group events, including:
-    monthly "Sunday Suppers", featuring dinner and discussion with prominent Atlantans,
-    monthly book club,
-    and a monthly race working group

These engaging, thought-provoking small events have complemented the large traditional events that the club has been putting on for years:
1.    the annual dinner,
2.    the annual picnic,
3.    the interviewer social and club kick-off,
4.    and the holiday party.

With dozens of one-off events scattered in between, including;
-    the hugely popular "global night of networking",
-    the Harvard Yale viewing party
-    exclusive trips to the Atlanta zoo, the Atlanta Opera, Alliance Theater, and even a prison visit, the list truly goes on and on!!

But it takes a ton of time and effort to put on all these events, and rather than add even more to an already jam packed calendar, we are going to focus on execution, first and foremost. We want to make sure these events run smoother than ever, which means streamlining communication, so that members know exactly when and how to expect to hear about the events.

All alumni will receive a mailer in the fall with an overview of events for the year, followed by monthly emails with details for the events that month, followed by reminder emails the week of the event.

The events will be synchronized on the Club's website and the Facebook page, and we will do everything in our power to make the website easier to navigate, log in, sign up for events, and renew membership. We will make it easy to find support by phone and email as well.

Another big goal is to put more power in the hands of the members by asking members to submit their own ideas for events, or to help host an event, or to become a Club Leader and provide input at board meetings.

Finally, we want to make it clear to all alumni that the incentive for becoming a member isn't necessarily the 20% discount to all events or the access to the online directory, although those are nice perks.

The incentive is that membership allows the Club to exist!

Revenue from the events tend to break even with their expenses, at best. In order to keep putting on great programming, keeping alumni connected in Atlanta, we need strong membership!

I think that by think doing all of these things, improving the efficiency and organization of the club, we WILL bring in more members. We will never have to raise dues again, because like all good supply-side economists, we know that a rising tide will lift the boat.

So with all that said, thank you again for trusting me to lead the Club into its next phase, but we can't do it without you, so let's work together to have a great 2017-2018!

Thank you,

Nicolai Schwarzkopf
Harvard College 2011