Annual Dinner

with Professor Andrew Berry, Assistant Head Tutor, Integrative Biology, Harvard University

Date: Thursday, April 14


6 to 6:30 pm: Doors open, cash bar available
6:30 pm: Seating and welcome
6:45 pm to 7:30 pm: Professor Berry's presentation
7:30 to 8 pm: Q&A  

Location: The Commerce Club | 191 Peachtree St. NE 49th Floor 

Topic: "What Darwin Didn't Know: Evolution Since the Origin" 

Tickets$45 for members | $55 for non-members.

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was a Victorian tour de force: a remarkable synthesis of natural history observations and simple experimental results.  Perhaps, though, the most impressive thing about the theory is the way in which it has survived more than 150 years of remarkable progress in biology.  It has proved a truly resilient idea.  That is not to say, however, that the theory has not undergone modifications as our biological knowledge has expanded in directions that would have been inconceivable to Darwin. This talk will review the essence of Darwin’s ideas while taking excursions into some of the most exciting post-Darwin discoveries.  In particular, the focus will be on human evolution, an area in which our knowledge has recently expanded massively with fossil discoveries and the application of modern genetics to both ourselves and, remarkably, to our extinct relatives, the Neanderthals.

Here also is a link to a longer and more technical version of the talk that Professor Berry recently gave in Sofia, Bulgaria:  

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