emaillogoInterview Training & Social Kick-Off 2016

The traditional start to the Club year.

Meet new people, renew old acquaintances and find out about the many opportunities to participate in Club activities. Come early at 4:30 pm for a new interviewer workshop or at 5:30 pm for a workshop for returning interviewers then stay for the party. Or if you can't participate as an interviewer join us for the party starting at 6:00 pm. 


Sunday, August 28


4:30 - 5:30 PM: New Interviewer Training
5:30 - 6:00 PM: Experienced Interviewer Updates
6:00 - 8:00 PM: Social (for everyone, not just interviewers)


There is no charge for any of these events, but please be sure to register online so we know how many to plan for. Let us know if you are attending the training, the party, or both so we plan properly.

Click here to RSVP for training time, social or both!!!


4:30PM Sun 28 Aug 2016, Eastern timezone


Home of Katie & Reade Fahs
1325 Wesley Place NW
Atlanta, GA 30327

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Look Who's Coming:

LaMonica Shelton
Derrick Lee
Unini Odama
Guest of Unini Odama
Nicolai Schwarzkopf
Norman Finley
Heather Beckham
Allison Koenig
Guest of Allison Koenig
Vonnetta Benjamin
Guest of Vonnetta Benjamin
Michelle Shaw
Guest of Michelle Shaw
Randall Farmer
Zachary Bercu
Sivan Ben-Moshe
Aaliyah Shafiq
Yuhang Wang
  Georgia Institute of Technology
Denise Koo
Daniel Budnitz
Donna Drakes
Antoinette France-Harris
Kurt Oppermann
Sonji Jacobs
Guest of Sonji Dade
Paul Baisier
Guest of Paul Baisier
Barbara Church
Barbara Church
John David Smith
David Krantz
Ryan Fitzgerald
Guest of Ryan Fitzgerald
Gebhard Schweigler
Ayibatari Owi
Gail Bennett-Gentry
elizabeth deschenes
Michael Burgess
Nadia Jacquot
Guest of Nadia Jacquot
Guest of Nadia Jacquot
John Sheesley
Guest of John Sheesley
Guest of John Sheesley
Steven Noles
Guest of Steven Noles
Julia Covey
Guest of Julia Covey
Michael Furick
Grant Wadley
Kelly Black-Holmes
Tycho Stahl
Tycho Stahl
Gary Toman
Anar Jahangirli
Erika Reed-Gross
Carranza Pryor
Guest of Carranza Pryor
Paul Glass
Guest of Paul Glass
Kathleen Gegan
Joseph Bowman
Guest of Joseph Bowman
Kimberly Lochner
Rey deCastro
Kaleigh Henry
David Ng
jordan w wilson
robyn ashley
anthony ashley
cameron ashley
Guest of zoie thomas
Lina Nerlander
Barry Mann
Sheri Stewart
Phillip Han
Betsy McCall
Widly Coulanges
Everett Hill
Yasmin Tyler-Hill
Cathy Huyghe
Jason Freier
Deni-Kay Freier
Guest of Jason Freier
Guest of Jason Freier
Guest of Jason Freier
Kelly Yamanouchi
Jake Arbes
Michelle Simpson
David Newcomer
Cheryl Bedgood
Guest of David Newcomer
Guest of David Newcomer
Guest of David Newcomer
Gajan Retnasaba
Ann-Marie Breaux
Jerek Brown
Guest of Jerek Brown
Guest of Jerek Brown
Charles Hofer
Judith Hofer
Lisa Harewood
Stephen Sudler
Emory Hsu
Kerry Vanderford
Guest of Kerry Vanderford
Nicole Merenivitch
John Pizzato
Christopher Arbery
Guest of Christopher Arbery
Guest of Christopher Arbery
Guest of Christopher Arbery
Guest of Christopher Arbery
Thomas Reeder
Lisa Pryor
Alison Amoroso
Alisia Zegarra-Amoroso
Mark-Anthony Mitchell
Katia Mitchell
... a total of 142 guests.
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