Harvard Club of Georgia Book Club - January

Book: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

In ordinary times, we take turns meeting at member homes and share food and drink.  In COVID times, we meet by zoom.

"Brit Bennett’s new novel, “The Vanishing Half,” grapples with that American racial chimera known as passing for white. Bennett asks: What is the cost, to an individual and to a community, of the passing person’s estrangement from family, friends, culture and identity — all sacrificed to maintain an assumed whiteness? What toll might such a decision take on those left behind in blackness? With great ambition, Bennett explores these questions through 20 years in the lives of twin sisters, Desiree and Stella Vignes, one of whom chooses to pass while the other does not.”  –The New York Times

If you have not signed up before and want to join the Book Club, please email the organizer, Robert Hahn at rahahn5@gmail.com and give him your email address.



6:30PM Wed 20 Jan 2021, Eastern timezone


Virtual Zoom Meeting

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