Annual Picnic - Sunday July 24 6PM - 8PM

Enjoy food, drink, the outdoors, old friends, and new!

The Harvard Club of Georgia is back in the swing of things. We are holding our annual picnic on July 24th at a private home in Buckhead. The Annual Picnic (pandemic years notwithstanding) is one of our most popular events. Food, drink, music, and fun. Come out, reconnect, and enjoy.

There will be food, drink, live music and fun. Bring your family and catch up with friends.


6:00PM - 8:00PM Sun 24 Jul 2022, Eastern timezone


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Look Who's Coming:

Aaliyah Shafiq Ely
Brian Ely
Gregory Pennington, Ph.D.
  Pennpoint Consulting Group
Calvin Courtney Knight
Daveitta Knight
Hyun Shin
Youna Kim
Kobelah Svensen Bennah
John Sheesley
Melissa Sheesley
Joy Thompson
Teresa Gonzales
Cathy Huyghe
Guest of Cathy Huyghe
Anne Jones
Dr. Mark Jones
Jupiter Jones
Allison Koenig
Utsav Kaushish
Sean Li
Bertram Prosser
Guest of Bertram Prosser
Cherry Fu
Dr. Tisome Nugent
Grace- Ann Francis
Gregory Cole
Staci Fox
Olufunbi Fagbami
Namjik Cho
Frazer Lively
Jin Qin
Yuan Li
Avery Qin-Li
Brenda Robledo
Emiko Kamitani
Marisa Kozachenok
Guest of Marisa Kozachenok
Robert Hahn
Edna Wang
Tina Gupta
Guest of Tina Gupta
Guest of Tina Gupta
Guest of Tina Gupta
Patrick Barron
matthew robinson
Jenna Wessinger
Katherine Fahs
Guest of Katherine Fahs
Kendra Dosenbach
Guest of Kendra Dosenbach
Nichole Phillips
Hyunji Lee
Guest of Hyunji Lee
Ross Albert
Guest of Ross Albert
Avarita Hanson
William Jude LeBlanc
  Ga Tech
Mark Chen Chen
  Leo a Daly Architecture, Principal
Michael Howard
Ana Maria Abreu Velez
Sharon Muret-Wagstaff
Norman Finley
Mark Nowakowski
Guest of Mark Nowakowski
Guest of Mark Nowakowski
Melhim Bou Alwan
Walter Rowland
Guest of Walter Rowland
Guest of Walter Rowland
Guest of Walter Rowland
Kevin Wang
Kent Bishop
  Doomsday Revenge LLC
Erica Long
Guest of Erica Long
Guest of Erica Long
Trina Wilson
Ona Strikas
Zach Vasicek
Julie Ann Crommett
Guest of Julie Ann Crommett
Nakib Khandaker
Sabah Khandaker
Beverly Lenox
Guest of Beverly Lenox Bassett
Constance Collins
Guest of Constance Collins
Kelechi Weze
Mark Mitchell
Walter Rowland
Patrice Mann
... a total of 91 guests.
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